f you’re planning to list your Muskoka Home, Cottage, or Condo during the winter season, paying special attention to key areas around your property will help appeal to potential buyers. Keep in mind that chances are buyers who are house/cottage hunting during the winter are looking for a property that they can live in year-round. While snow isn’t likely to deter them, you’ll want your home or cottage to be in top running condition and giving off a welcoming, cozy atmosphere.

First, you need to be sure viewers can access your property and safely get into your home or cottage. Whether you live in town or out in the country, you’ll need to keep your driveway clear of dangerous ice and snow. Be sure to keep all walkways, stairs and entryways free and clear as well.

Having lived in and experienced a Muskoka winter yourself, we’re sure you know what is needed to keep your home or cottage accessible during the winter – it’s a part of life lived in this region. Just be sure to plan ahead and keep needed supplies on hand, be it de-icing salts, a working snow-blower, or extra fuel –  have a list and keep everything well stocked.  If it would be helpful, we have a number of reliable contacts we can refer you to who will help keep your property accessible for showings during the winter season.

Environmental Tip: While rock salt is a common material to use for melting ice, it’s important to use it in such a way as to lessen the impact on the environment. Depending on where your property is, sand may be the better option to help avoid too much salt getting into our waterways. There are also other materials you can choose from, each with pros and cons. Learn more about environmentally friendlier ways to keep your property free from ice through the Muskoka Watershed Council.

Once potential buyers make it through your home or cottage door, you want them to feel welcome and to experience how comfortable and cozy your Muskoka property is, even at the coldest of times. This is not a time to be stingy with the heat. Keep the interior a comfortable temperature and regularly clean out your fireplace or woodstove. A routine check of your heating system and components will help ensure everything stays in good working order.

Some key staging ideas can readily create a cozy and inviting atmosphere you want guests to experience. Throw blankets on couches and chairs or hanging quilts on a rack near a sitting area are an excellent touch, as are warm tones of rich reds, deep oranges and browns & muted greens. These colours emit a feeling of comfort and cheer and can help keep the dark of winter at bay.

Keeping out the dark of the season is another key way to show off your property in the winter. Bring in as much light as you can, filling in darker corners so each room feels bright and airy. Be sure to have all the lights on for each viewing and keep plenty of bulbs in stock so there’s no problem replacing any that go out at the last moment.

It’s also a good idea to brighten up the exterior. With our shorter days, there’s a good chance you’ll have viewings with little to no daylight. Additional lighting outside cannot only ensure better visibility for safety concerns, but you can also highlight your winter yard or garden with strategically placed spotlights.

Selling your Muskoka home, cottage or condo during the winter isn’t impossible, it just takes a planned approach to keep your property ready.   Find more tips with this article published by RealtyTimes.com.

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This information is taken from sources deemed to be reliable. The Wearing Parrott Team does not guarantee accuracy; we recommend information be validated independently.

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