Gardening is a simple pleasure enjoyed by many, especially in Muskoka, where Cottages often include colorful blooms throughout the warmer months. But gardening here is different than in the city, in large part due to our regional topography, including the significant impact of our lakes and shorelines. If you have, or are searching for a lake front cottage, there are specific aspects to consider before you take to landscaping.

Lake shorelines play an integral role in keeping water habitats healthy. As noted by Muskoka Water Web, natural vegetation along lakes, are an integral part of the landscape. These plants and trees help provide a natural filtration system for keeping pollutants, such as pesticides, out of lake waters. When the natural vegetation is removed in favor of ornamental landscaping, or even man-made retaining walls, there is a higher potential risk of damaging an ecosystem.

Should you want a better view of the lake from your Cottage, instead of cutting down waterfront trees, trimming them can give you a view but still retain the benefits of these long-standing lake residents. Studies have shown riparian trees and plants, vegetation which naturally grows along shorelines, play a key role in conserving the natural ecosystem. These plants protect against soil erosion, keep water quality high, provide habitat for local wildlife and can help protect against invasive plant species which can cause a lot of damage.

By working with your cottage lake front property, you can still enjoy the natural beauty of the region, and keep your own yard and garden healthy. When doing any purposeful landscaping, around your part of a lake shoreline, using native plants is an ideal way to create a vibrant and hardy garden, which can also be easier to maintain. Some examples of native lake shore plants include highbush cranberries, meadowsweet, red maples and willow trees.

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