Now that we are deep into the cooler weather of autumn, many residents in and around Huntsville are spending time with the warmth and glow of an outdoor fire. We are also spending time preparing our yards and gardens for winter hibernation. While you may consider burning yard debris, to do so is against the Huntsville Bylaws, and could cost you a hefty fine. When it comes to open air burning, for safety and environmental concerns, there is a specific list of do’s and don’ts to follow.

During the summer, daytime burning is off limits. This seasonal restriction ends with October each year, so now you can enjoy your outdoor fire pit more. You are still limited in what can be burned however. Per the Huntsville Open Air Burning Bylaw, only dry, seasoned wood, or in the case of cooking fires, commercially produced charcoal can be used. No painted or treated wood can be burned. If winds are high, fog settles in, or a smog alert is on, no open air burning is allowed during these times throughout the year.

If you are planning to build or install a fire pit in your yard for warm firelit nights, take note, the maximum size of a fire pit is 61cm x 61cm, or a two-foot by two-foot burn area. Common sense includes having a water source to extinguish your fire nearby, and any fire needs to be attended at all times, and fully extinguished before you retire for the night. Huntsville Bylaws require this, or else risk a $300 fine for each infraction. The Huntsville Bylaws also take smoke into consideration, as open air fires must not create smoke which obscures roads or buildings. You can also review the Outdoor Burning Guide for more details on open air fire Do’s and Don’ts.

You may be wondering, ‘If I can’t burn my grass clippings and hedge trimmings, what can I do?’ Huntsville and the District of Muskoka Municipality have you covered. If you live in an area where there is Green Bin Service, your yard debris will also be picked up, so long as it is prepared and put into an open-top container or bag. If you don’t have Green Bin Service, you can drop off yard debris free of charge to any Muskoka landfill or transfer station.

Keeping open air fires safe and free from yard debris helps to ensure everyone can enjoy the natural beauty of Huntsville together. If you are interested in buying, or selling a cottage in Huntsville or in the surrounding area, the Rick Wearing and Sandra Parrott team work together to provide a valuable resource for all your real estate needs. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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