Communities and residents across the Muskoka region appreciate the benefits which come from sustainable lifestyle practices. We understand the importance of protecting the environment and our natural resources. There are various ways we can help conserve and protect the environment at home. One easy way to make a difference is to install a rain barrel for your garden.

Rain barrels provide a variety of benefits including water conservation, pollutant runoff reduction and monetary savings. By collecting rainwater to use around your garden, or for washing the car, you can conserve a great deal of water over time. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, rain barrels have been shown to save up to 27,000 litres of water in a growing season.

The use of rain barrels also helps lessen the number of runoff pollutants which can enter into the groundwater and sewer systems. Rainfall-runoff water can pick up impurities such as pesticides and motor oil which have accumulated on the ground. As the rain flows these residues are carried into the water system. This can be lessened through diversionary measures such as rain barrels.

On the conservation side of this idea, instead of wasting water with a hose, and watching excess water literally go down the drain, using rain barrel water to wash your car or pets can have a significant impact towards how much water can be saved. Monetarily speaking, by using rain barrel water for lawn and garden care, you will use less water from the municipality which can directly lower your water bill.

If you haven’t installed a rain barrel in your yard or garden, you’re in luck. The District of Muskoka announced the return of the Rain Barrel Program. You can order a rain barrel online – while supplies last. If you want additional rain barrels or have determined you can use more than one, the cost is $46. There’s also an option for a fully subsidized rain barrel for residents who detach their downspouts from the wastewater system, diverting rainwater into their yard directly.

Rain barrels are an easy way for residents to make a big difference in conserving water and protecting the environment.

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