Tourists may look at Muskoka as Canada’s best summer spot, but the often overlooked beauty of winter in the area is unmatched, and nobody knows that better than the locals! It truly is a winter wonderland.

With vast fluffy white snow and the authentic Canadian winter activities, Muskoka residents fall in love with the cold that many other people shun for warm blankets and hot drinks.  The quiet that befalls the rugged terrain of Muskoka after a heavy snowfall is interrupted only by families laughing and enjoying the great outdoors, dressed head to toe in everything a person needs to stay warm in the cold. 

In the mood for ice skating? The serene Arrowhead Provincial Park Ice Skating trail takes you on a snowy adventure through the naturistic scenery that makes up much of Muskoka. Of course, the skating trail is now a hot-spot for tourists, but residents know that it was once the best-kept secret in Huntsville. Surely, it’s not the only one! Other activities that are just a stone’s throw away when you live in Muskoka are snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and hiking.

Residents can also enjoy the scenic route on the snowmobiling trails that blanket over 1200 km of the area. There is no shortage of hidden gems, and if you go at just the right time, you may experience a sunset that will change your life. Did we also mention that there are epic dogsledding tours?

Residents of Muskoka get to experience the beauty and excitement that living in Muskoka all year round provides, but in the winter, it’s almost like living in the best Christmas movie you’ve ever watched. Between the fluffy snow, beautiful sunsets, and winter activities galore, living in Muskoka in the winter lets adults maintain their childlike wonder for the world well into their golden years.  

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