The start of a new year is a wonderful time to begin planning a kitchen update. Checking out the latest in design trends can provide inspiration for such a project. For 2019, the latest trends point towards what we in Cottage Country already know, that a tranquil home is a happy home, especially when it comes to our kitchens, the heart of any home or cottage.

According to a review of 2019 home design trends by Real Simple, many of the emerging trends work well in creating a serene and comfortable kitchen, as well as a practical one, always an added plus for cooking meals and entertaining. One prevalent design element found in Muskoka homes & cottages is once again being embraced by designers – wood finishes and accents are making a comeback.

Minimalist-modernism with a focus on metal isn’t holding sway as much as it once did. The return of wood finishes along with doors and windows, in cabinetry, chair rails and crown moulding among other design elements answers the call to return to a closer relationship with nature; something many of us readily embrace with our Muskoka lifestyle.

Another home design trend connects to the tranquil side of nature through colour. The 2019 Benjamin Moore Colour of the year may have an urban name, Metropolitan – is a shade of gray set to calm and inspire a meditative mood. As a neutral tone, this is a colour which can be incorporated into most any kitchen with ease.

Gone are the days of pure white cabinets too. Instead, lighter shades of greens and blues are on the rise in kitchen cabinet designs. Another design trend gaining in popularity also focuses on cabinets, with open shelving. Having an open-shelf design for your upper kitchen cabinets helps keep the room more open and provides an excellent space to make a decorative statement with dishware, vases and other kitchen accessories.

Sometimes top-quality materials can be costlier than the budget allows, but with today’s technology and innovation, new options have been brought to the design market. Porcelain tiles are a great example. With an endless range of designs, tile backsplashes and accents in the kitchen make a statement and work well to tie an entire room together. Now “faux” porcelain tile makes this creative design element more readily available.

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