Summer is a great time to update the most used rooms in your home, cottage or condo – the kitchen and bathrooms. If you’re needing inspiration or are planning to sell your property, it’s worth considering the latest trends in kitchen and bath design. When these rooms are updated they make for great selling features on your listing.

Some of the latest trends may be just the thing to give your place a refreshed feeling that appeals to home buyers; especially as we are seeing more millennials buying cottages across the country, as an alternative to urban living, as noted by Cottage Life Magazine.

While the most common approach when selling your home is to go with neutral colour tones, many of the kitchens and baths are seeing a return to colour in accent features. Blue in a variety of shades has been seen at the top of many designer options, along with other natural tones of greens and yellows. Whether you go with coloured fixtures, painting the trim in an accent tone or choosing colourful cabinets and appliances, colour isn’t something to be afraid of. If you want to get away from neutral shades, opt for something from the natural world such as sage green or cornflower blue.

Gone are granite counters, as quartz has taken the lead in the most sought-after material. Quartz is quite durable and comes in a wide variety of colour options. In addition to quartz counters, stone sinks are also in high demand. These add a great sense of design drama without being overwhelming; many bathroom and kitchen sinks can be seen as a unique piece of functional art in the home.

Texture is another growing trend, especially when it comes to tiles in the kitchen or bath. It seems basic subway tiles are on the way out and textured tiles are in high demand. Uniquely designed tiles with raised textures are what many home buyers are now looking for. Make a statement with the tile you use to update your kitchen or bath, another wonderful way to incorporate art into your cottage, home or condo.

The latest kitchen and bath designs are about choices on how and where you want to make a statement within your home. This is great news for those like us who live in cottage country and want comfort, style and function to comingle well together. For more ideas, Pearl Sinks, a leading Canadian manufacturer and seller of kitchen and bath fixtures has published a great photo review of the latest trends.

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