The forests of Muskoka are a large part of what makes this region so special and uniquely beautiful. Those of us who live here or come to visit need to work together to help care for our land, both public and private. When we’re responsible for what we do, we can help keep this corner of the world thriving. This includes what we use for firewood in our Muskoka homes and cottages.

The health of a forest and trees, in general, can be negatively impacted by invasive species, in particular, certain types of bugs or fungi. We can help reduce the chance of invasive species taking hold in our trees by using only locally sourced firewood. The transportation of firewood from as little as 30 kilometres away can impact an ecosystem.

If you live part-time in Muskoka, not only is it better to leave your supply of firewood from your other residence behind, it’s also better to not take any wood from your cottage with you when you go. When you’re in the area, or if you live here year-round, take some time to find nearby sources for firewood. If you live in Huntsville, it’s best to bring firewood home from close to home as opposed to a lakeside stand 50 km away.

Because natural areas around the world are in essence micro-environments, when something such as firewood, which can house insects and fungus spores, is moved from its original habitat, there’s a risk of organisms living off the wood as a host migrating to ‘virgin territory’. When this happens, an invasion can quickly grow out of hand.

Like with many health attributes, prevention is the key. If we can prevent invasive species from coming into the area in the first place, we can help ensure the vitality of our forests. Studies have shown that firewood transportation is one of the biggest ways tree infestations are able to migrate, so it really is better to buy wood to burn from local sources.

But how do you know if you’re getting local wood? The key is to ask outright where the wood has come from. If a supplier doesn’t know or won’t say, it’s better to walk away and find someone else. If you want to be 100% certain of where your firewood comes from, cutting your own wood is another option, be it from your own property or other lands where you have permission to do so. If you opt for going into the woods off your property be sure to get the appropriate permit.

Learn more about why where your firewood comes from is important, and why it’s best to burn it where you buy it at Here you can find maps for accessing local firewood, learn about different types of invasive species which can impact trees and how you can help protect our woodlands.

When it’s time to buy or sell your Muskoka home, cottage or condo, having a realty team who cares about the place they call home will make all the difference in your real estate experience. Rick Wearing and Sandra Parrott have long called Huntsville and the Muskoka region home, this is an incredible place to live.  The Rick Wearing and Sandra Parrott Team are here to put their care and expertise in the local market to work for you. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

This information is taken from sources deemed to be reliable. The Wearing Parrott Team does not guarantee accuracy; we recommend information be validated independently.

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