Huntsville may be a massive draw for the part-time cottage-country’ers, but for those that live here, it’s so much more than just a nice place to escape to. Being the largest town in the Muskoka Region, Huntsville is bustling with natural beauty and that close-knit community charm that’s often missing in other areas of Ontario. Dubbed one of Canada’s friendliest towns, Huntsville is a great place to plant roots along the Canadian Shield.

The beautiful and historic downtown area offers an inviting welcome for newcomers, tourists, and long-time residents alike. Living in Huntsville is like experiencing all the beauty and charm of small-town living with all the conveniences and sophistication typically found in congested big cities.

There is never a dull moment while living in Huntsville! There is a vast array of events to suit everyone’s style. You’ll never know what the next day will hold because there are so many exciting events, including international triathlons, hockey tournaments, winter carnivals, a bathtub derby, fall fairs, farmers markets, artist tours, and much more. You can spend your morning hiking in beautiful Arrowhead Provincial Park, while your evenings can engulf you in the culture at the Huntsville Festival of Arts. There’s something for everyone!

It’s not all get-up-and-go, though. The Huntsville area also provides time to unwind and relax with its wide selection of unspoiled beaches and natural wonders. Located just outside of the oldest provincial park in Canada, Algonquin Park, this quaint community does have it all.

Living in Huntsville provides families with feelings of safety, security, community, and most of all, satisfaction and pride for where they live. It’s an untouched picture of what it truly means to live in a breathtaking naturalistic backdrop with people you can genuinely call friends. If you ask any resident of the area, they’ll likely say that Huntsville is unlike any other place on earth.

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