Technology has changed and improved almost every aspect of our lives, and the way we live in our homes is another aspect in which technology is taking over for the better. A recent study has predicted that 3.4 million Canadian homeowners will be active smart-home users by 2022, and today, people all over the country are taking advantage of smart technology in their homes to improve their quality of life.

Almost half of all homeowners that plan renovations or improvements to their homes opt for implementing smart technology to upgrade their entire way of life. The term “smart home” refers to anything that can be operated remotely from a smart device, like a phone or tablet. Among the popular choices in smart technology, security features, energy-saving devices, easy lighting, and various features involving control and connectivity are at the top of the list.

There are simple smart tech updates that you can opt for in your own home, and most of the time they do not require heavily-involved installation or set-up. Most smart devices, like lighting and security additions, only require that the device be plugged in and paired to a smartphone, and then it’s ready to use. Not only does the use of smart technology add ease to busy lives, but it also increases your home’s value, as many people on the market for a new home find smart technology highly desirable.

Despite the interest centred around it, smart home technology is not yet a mainstream feature in most homes. This is predicted to change in the very near future, and if you choose to implement smart technology in your Muskoka home, you’ll be ahead of the curve for a short while. Homeowners in the surrounding area are going to catch onto this quickly emerging trend, and you’ll already be looking ahead for the next step in making your home life safer and easier.

Smart technology is a highly desirable feature, whether you’re looking to get ahead in the sellers’ market, or you’re seeking out a modern approach when buying a new home.
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