Once your home is sold, there are still several things to consider before you pack up your belongings and move away. Though the most difficult part of the selling process has been completed, it’s important to be aware of last minute changes that have to be made to spare you from losing money along the way. There are various issues to address before they become a big problem during the closing of your home sale.

Be sure to inform the post office of your upcoming change of address as soon as possible. The sooner you’re aware of when your home should close and when you will be relocating, the easier it will be to change your address so that you never miss a piece of mail. It’s just as important to report that your address has changed, or will soon change, on all of your accounts, so that the new owners of your former home do not end up with statements or packages that should be delivered to your new home.

Any remaining services that you receive at your old address need to be cancelled or transferred to your new home. If you happen to have a cable TV or internet provider, see that it is disconnected in a timely fashion, so that you are not going to be held responsible for a delayed disconnection.

When it comes to moving expenses and closing documents, asking questions can only be a benefit to you. If you question and challenge moving company quotes, you have a good chance of finding the best deal.

It’s also wise to scan over the documentation accompanying your home’s closing so that you can be aware of any possible mistakes in the numbers. Examine everything and question anything that doesn’t add up. Being aware of what you are signing can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Finally, be sure to resolve every issue that comes up during closing. It’s a great way to start fresh in your new home.

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