The Muskoka region is lake country. This part of Ontario is known for its scenic waterways and lakefront views and access. Many a family have a vacation home here, a place to get away from the bustle of everyday living. The lakes throughout Muskoka offer a wide variety of places to enjoy recreational activities and create lifelong memories with family and friends. If you are interested in finding the perfect cottage to create your ideal getaway, where you buy is an important factor to consider before you begin your search.

You may think one lakefront is just as good as another, but there is more to just being on the water to consider. The lakes across the Muskoka region are as varied in their natural features and habitats as they are vast in number. From smaller lakes to our larger ones, our most popular or ones with great fishing holes, finding the type of lakeshore you want to live along will make a big difference when it comes to enjoying the lakefront cottage of your dreams. When you are ready to view waterfront homes or cottages on the market, be sure to inquire about what type of shoreline the cottage is on. If you want to lie on the beach and swim at your leisure, a home with a rocky shoreline will not fit the bill.

Within the core of the Huntsville area in Muskoka, we have what are affectionately called the Big Four Lakes, which are Peninsula Lake, Fairy Lake, Lake Vernon, and Mary Lake. It is along these shores where the majority of our historical lakefront homes have been built and our cottage villages have grown. Each of these lakes are situated close to one another and offer much of what many visitors are looking for when they come to the region. But they can become rather active during the summer months, which is the peak of the vacation season for Muskoka. If you enjoy regular connections with residents and visitors, as well as the liveliness of our summer season, a property on one of the Big Four could be for you. The larger lakes offer recreational activities up and down their shores, making most any property an ideal hub for recreational enthusiasts.

With over 1,600 lakes in the region, there are many other lakes which offer just as much beauty with less commotion, if the quieter side is what you are seeking in a vacation cottage. Menominee Lake, where Baysville is located, or Bay Lake near Novar are two lakes worth exploring. If you love to fish or spend time canoeing, a home along these lakefronts could be just what you are looking for. Along the shorelines throughout the Muskoka region, you can find homes or cottages which are ideal for fishing, with private docks or nearby fishing hot spots. Should you have a motorboat, look for properties along deeper lakefronts which keep water weeds at a minimum.

Whatever your preferences for lake access and activities, keep the type of shoreline in mind as you look for your lakefront cottage. When you are ready to buy or sell property in the Huntsville or the Muskoka region, the Wearing & Parrott Team is the team you can trust. We put our expertise in real estate, and our knowledge of the area to work for you. Get the most out of your move, contact Rick and Sandra today by phone: 705-788-3535 or by email at

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