We’re in cottage country, where most homes have a Muskoka Room. These rooms allow for maximum enjoyment of the incredible, natural beauty surrounding our homes and cottages. A Muskoka Room provides a space where windows reign over solid walls, providing the least obstructed views of the landscape outside.

With screened windows, a Muskoka Room is usable through the hotter summer months while keeping mosquitos and other pesky bugs at bay. So, what do you do if you want to get more use out of your Muskoka room into the colder months? From simple to extravagant, some design ideas and architectural updates can make your Muskoka Room the space to entertain and relax in year-round.

We all know how dark it can be once the summer has passed. Make your Muskoka room more inviting with plenty of light. From recessed lights in the ceilings to wall sconces, or even a chandelier, good lighting in a room can make a significant impact on the atmosphere of a space. With innovative LED lights, the options are almost limitless.

The first Muskoka Rooms were built with screened windows and doors. There’s a growing trend to merge interior and exterior spaces. Sliding or shutter doors and windows allow you to accommodate your Muskoka room to the weather allowing for year-round comfort. You can partially or fully open up the space to your patio or yard, or batten down the hatches when a storm comes in.

Muskoka Rooms by themselves can be quite simple but taking the design of your room up to the next level can make for a more welcoming space where you want to be all the time.

Many Muskoka Rooms include an exterior kitchen or grill. Make this a design a focal point with tile or stone backsplash and include adequate storage for cooking and eating for easy access. If you don’t have a ceiling fan in your Muskoka Room, install one for maximum fresh air when the windows are open during the warmer months.

Chances are, your Muskoka Room has either a wood or flagstone floor. This is great during the warmer months as it brings a bit of the outdoors in. But when it’s colder outside it’s also time to feel cozy and comfortable, adding a rug to your room can make a big difference. Comfortable furniture will as well; a good wood, Muskoka chair is great for the deck, but a cushioned couch is much more inviting.

For a truly year-round space, a fireplace makes for a luxurious centre point in a Muskoka Room. We all know there’s nothing like a cozy fire when it’s cold outside, but even in the warm summer months, an evening by firelight is a special treat, perfect for a romantic evening or summer party with friends. Muskoka Rooms which open onto a patio can also be great spaces for installing a double-sided fireplace, expanding your options further.

Are you ready to update your Muskoka Room? Find some inspiring ideas with this Houzz photo gallery of beautifully designed Muskoka Rooms.

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