With Halloween right around the corner, quickly followed by the winter holiday season, and longer, darker nights ahead, now’s the time to make sure the exterior of your home is safe and welcoming for any visitors to come. If trick-or-treaters love to come to your home or you plan to have holiday parties, a brightly lit walkway is just as important as a festive atmosphere.

We found some great safety tips for preparing your home for Hallowe’en on Houselogic.com, which can also apply throughout the winter – it’s best to think Safety First when it comes to visitors. Check out the following top safety tips and prepare your home for a fun and safe season.

Bright is best. When it comes to lighting your porch up with Jack-o-lanterns or wrapping your railings in holiday garlands, keep in mind that brighter lighting is the better way to go. If your porch light is old, consider updating it; newer options are available with LED lights which shed a lot of light with ease. Utilize solar garden lights to line your walkways and drive leading up to your house.

Reap the rewards of repairs. Keeping your Muskoka home in good repair will bring plenty of rewards when it’s time to sell by retaining the value of your property. You can also reap the benefits of knowing your home is safe. Take a close look at porch stairs and railings, as well as around decks. Loose or damaged boards should be repaired or replaced before winter sets in. Railings should be sturdy and secure. Wet weather means slick surfaces – counter this with friction tape added to your steps.

Clean and clear is key. While autumn around Muskoka is beautiful beyond compare, homeowners do need to take care of leaf litter throughout the season. Keeping curbs clear and visible is key to providing safely visible walkways, especially important for youngsters out on Hallowe’en or for guests coming by in the midst of winter weather. Be sure to keep a good supply of de-icing agents on hand and a snow shovel or blower available too.

Other Safety tips to remember. There are other ways you can enhance the safety factor around your house. Consider adding motion sensing lights; these will add security as much as they’ll help guests see well when they arrive. Instead of candles in Jack-o-lanterns, use LED lights and lessen the risk of fire. Keep holiday decorations clear from any pathways and steps to lessen the chance of a tripping hazard for your guests.

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