When you’re ready to buy your Muskoka home, cottage or condo, chances are you’ll be viewing several properties before you find just the right one. We all know it’s best to be respectful of the seller and their property.

Be on time. If you have an appointment set, give yourself some extra time to ensure you don’t arrive late. Everyone has busy schedules. Be on time, but also be respectful and communicate with your agent if something has deterred you. For Open Houses, be sure to arrive within the time frame specified.

Ask appropriate questions, provide appropriate information. An open house or home viewing is a great time to ask important questions such as if the appliances come with the sale or, whether any offer have been made already. Don’t ask for how much though, it’s good and fair to know if there have been any other offers, but further probing isn’t favourable.

Asking pertinent questions about the property is a good thing, it shows your interest in the house and is an ideal way to learn more about a property. Asking personal questions such as how many live in a home currently, is too invasive. It’s also important not to overshare information about yourself. Doing so can actually hinder your position in the negotiation process, remember, the agent at an Open House is not working for you, but the seller.

A Polite Tip to Remember: Taking photos without permission is an invasion of privacy. Before you pull out the cell phone to take a shot of the incredible built-in shelves you love, ask the agent present for permission first.

Look but don’t snoop. When touring a property, you should look into closets, open drawers and cupboards, and walk through every room observing the features carefully. However, you shouldn’t snoop or dig through clearly personal items such as a digital device or toiletries. Chances are the seller will remove identifiable items such as mail or medications, but if something is left behind, leave it be. If you do see something, you can show the ultimate respect by discretely mentioning the sighting to the agent, so they can remove the items.

Plan for your day. If you have several appointments in one day or are enjoying a weekend afternoon looking for open houses, be sure to dress comfortably. A long day of walking around houses doesn’t become so tiring when you do so in comfort. It’s also best to leave the kids at home, and don’t bring the dog. You are a guest within a seller’s home, they may not want pets inside, and while we love our kids, young ones, in particular, can be a distraction, keeping you from focusing on the property.

These simple home touring guidelines can help you get the most out of your home search. Find more tips with this HGTV article.

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