Summers may be brief here in Muskoka, but this doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a great deal of time outside. Sure, many a home throughout the region has its own Muskoka room, an enclosed deck allowing you to be closer to nature no matter the weather, but you can also create an extended oasis of comfort beyond your cottage.

Today’s home buyers are also looking for properties with outdoor living space, making this an extra bonus for any listing too. There’s a new trend where outdoor rooms are being set up. The idea is to create a unique setting to dine and entertain, away from the house. The naturally varied and rolling landscapes of many a Muskoka property make this idea easy to put into action.

Does your property have a bower or copse of trees where you like to relax? Is there a secluded nook which is the perfect place to stargaze at night? Do you have waterfront acreage? Take this space up to the next level by creating an outdoor living room, a place where you can spend time with friends and family, or simply enjoy a quiet retreat.

You can use landscape design to help delineate the space as well. One way to do this is to install a trellis or pergola for climbing vines, which can grow quite quickly. A feature such as this can help create a living privacy screen, separating the area from the rest of your yard. Using natural materials, such as granite slab stones, to build partial walls is another way to set this space apart.

Comfort is key to setting up any outdoor living space, and exterior furniture designers are responding with a range of seating options including cushy couches with plenty of pillows, made to endure the great outdoors. You can also add to the comfort of your outdoor living room with the right technology. LED lighting and smart products, such as speakers you control through your phone, make it easy to add to the ambience.

Finishing touches can include a firepit, container gardens, stone walkways and water fountains. An exciting new trend in garden landscaping is the vertical garden. Making use of an existing wall, or having one installed, this can be an excellent way to add more greenery and colourful flowers to your outdoor living room.

For more inspiring ideas to enhance your outdoor living space and your garden, check out this photo gallery 2018 Backyard Trends from HGTV Canada. If you’re ready to move to the area, or it’s time to sell, discover the care and expertise of The Rick Wearing & Sandra Parrott Team. We’re here to work for you and give you the best experience when it comes to fulfilling your home dreams. Please call us at 705-788-3535 or email at today!

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