Many REALTORS® focus all their energy on building a hefty client list. While that is good for their bottom line, it doesn’t allow them to craft lasting relationships with clients. Why? Because they are often too busy running here and there trying to offer exceptional and personalized buying and selling experiences to every potential buyer or seller they meet.

Because of their combined 65 years of real estate experience, Rick and Sandra are different. They’ve navigated through almost every situation you can imagine when it comes to helping their clients get what they want and need out of their buying and selling experience. Over the course of their career, they found that being selective is the best way to prioritize their clients’ needs authentically and passionately.

“You offered wisdom and guidance and delivered information in a way that never felt condescending. That takes real skill and experience to get it right. I also appreciated your flexibility in scheduling viewings and your patience in answering all of my questions. Thank you!” – Kat

Combined with their experience in real estate is their expertise in other areas that are just as handy when it comes to buying and selling homes. Rick is well-versed in both appraisal and luxury home marketing. Sandra has navigated the professional ins and outs of real estate law. Over the years, the two have garnered many awards reflecting their commitment and passion for real estate and their ability to communicate effectively with clients to push connection and understanding during what can be a stressful time in their clients’ lives. As they approach the pinnacle of their careers, they aim for client satisfaction above all else.

“Your preparedness and professionalism gave me confidence in a somewhat stressful situation.”- Sandra C.

The adage, “it takes a village,” is true in the world of real estate, and Rick and Sandra have immense appreciation for the support their administration team provides. This underpinning gives Rick and Sandra the time to focus heavily on client-facing operations giving every person face time with either Rick, Sandra or both, throughout the entire buying or selling experience. They are at the forefront of the process and will not compromise on ensuring everything is done right from start to finish by committing to face-to-face interaction with each client.

“We always felt that you were just a phone call away to answer any questions. You always had the patience for our queries. You gave us your opinions but allowed us to make our own decisions.” – Tony and Dolores

Although Rick and Sandra know what it takes to market themselves, the bulk of their client list consists of referrals from friends, family, former clients and fellow REALTORS®. The strong word-of-mouth impact on their success is just one example of how interactive and personalized the buying or selling experience is with Rick and Sandra. Client satisfaction is important to Rick and Sandra, and to them, you’re so much more than a commission. You’re a part of their family—a blended group of six children, five grandchildren, and two family pets.

“During the process of selling two of our homes this year, we feel a friendship has developed with Rick and Sandra. We cannot say enough good things about the two of them.” – Steve and Angela

Their compassion in their personal and professional lives doesn’t stop at those they know—Rick and Sandra are proud supporters of community organizations and initiatives, including the Huntsville Festival of the Arts and Meals on Wheels, an organization that proved vital to members of their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With Rick and Sandra, you aren’t simply hiring REALTORS®. You are gaining partners that truly care about you and your buying or selling experience.

When the time is right to buy or sell your home, cottage or condo in the Huntsville, Lake of Bays or Almaguin region, you want to work with a local realtor partnership ready to help you every step of the way. Rick Wearing and Sandra Parrott, Your Real Estate Partners are one of the most established and experienced real estate partnerships in the entire Muskoka region. Their partnership is built to last

Together they use their combined experience, passions, and perseverance to provide nothing but the finest service to their clients. Rick and Sandra are more than willing to share an abundance of information and insights gathered throughout the years. These real estate partners want to put their 27 years of teamwork and expertise to work for you and help make your real estate wishes come true, whatever they might be. Please feel free to contact either one of them at 705-788-3535 or email at today.

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